Walk Your Dog

We welcome dogs and their human companions at Lincoln Marsh!

Lincoln Marsh is a great place to take a walk with your dog. While we encourage people and their four-legged companions to walk on our trails, the Wheaton Park District has set guidelines for those visiting Lincoln Marsh with their dogs. This protects the natural area, its inhabitants, and visitors.

Wheaton Park District and Wheaton City Ordinances require that dogs be leashed at all times. This is important for a variety of reasons including the protection of your dog.

When your dog is off its leash, it may…

• Wander off the trails into sensitive habitat in our natural area.
• Become injured if it roams through plants that have thorns, burrs, or other unseen hazards.
• Be exposed to more ticks.
• Happen upon another dog or wildlife that may not welcome the close encounter.

Keeping your dog leashed also protects plants, wildlife, and habitat! Leashes ensure that dogs do not disrupt an area that has recently been seeded or other native plant communities. Your leashed dog is less likely to disturb wildlife that is nesting, resting, or calling Lincoln Marsh home. Leashing your dog shows respect for other park visitors. Even if you know your dog is friendly, others do not.

Picking up your pet’s waste is important.

Dog waste can spread a variety of diseases and poses a health risk for other visitors, program participants, and local wildlife. The park district provides Mutt Mitts for patron use at both trailheads at Lincoln Marsh.

We hope people and their furry companions will explore the many wonders at Lincoln Marsh Natural Area. Our only request is that you keep your dog on a leash and clean up after it.

Thank you for your cooperation.