Snowshoe Rentals

Explore the Lincoln Marsh on snowshoes!

Snowshoe rentals are available at the following locations when weather permits:

  • Lincoln Marsh Office –
    Weekdays 9A – 3P;
    Call 630-871-2810 to confirm availability
  • Northside Park Shelter House –
    Fridays 4P – 7P;
    Saturdays 10A – 7P;
    Sundays 11A-6P & Non-School Days 10A-7P;
    Call 630-234-9351 to confirm availability

General Information

  • Cost: $5/hr. Fees will not be prorated.
  • Available in child and adult sizes (limited amount of child snowshoes).
  • 3 inch minimum of snow is required.
  • A Rental Agreement & Waiver (PDF) must be signed (by a parent/legal guardian if under 18).
  • Snowshoes cannot be taken off Lincoln Marsh or Northside Park property.
  • Any equipment turned in after rental hours are over will be charged $5 for every 10 minutes late.
  • Participants will be liable to pay for any damages to the equipment up to $100.
  • A state ID, driver’s license, credit card, or car keys will be held as a deposit.