Summer Camps

The Lincoln Marsh offers day camps for children ages 18 months to 14 years. Choose from more than 30 options – each week has something new to explore!

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Camp Descriptions:


Day camps for children combine hands-on activities and explorations that help answer the questions every child has about nature.

Wild Explorers: Outdoor Adventure (Age 9-12)

Campers take a wild and wacky adventure at Northside Park. Camp activities could include fishing, canoeing, hiking, games, orienteering, and more.

Wild Explorers: Mad Science! (Age 9-12)

Discover science! Learn about the physics of flight, the chemistry of water, the power of the sun, and much more. Be prepared to make your own slime and create some explosions in this fascinating camp.

Fishing Fever (Age 8-13)

Fishing Fever teaches young anglers the basics of safe fishing. Learn the proper way to bait a hook and cast. You might just catch a whopper when we go fishing! Fishing poles and bait are provided for use during camp.


Join us for a day camp filled with adventure and teambuilding activities. Go geocaching, try out our climbing tower, and more! Some camps may include off-site trips.

Junior Adventurers (Age 8-10)

Looking for some adventure? Explore adventure activities including team building, geocaching, outdoor skills and rock climbing on our 50-foot climbing tower.

Short Cut (Age 8-10)

Go on a short adventure at Lincoln Marsh. Campers experience three days of team building, geocaching, climbing tower, and more.

Adventure Edge (Age 10-12)

Looking for a camp with a little edge? Join us to explore adventure activities, including team building, geocaching, biking on the Prairie Path, outdoor skills, and rock climbing on our 50-foot climbing tower.

Adventure Edge 2 (Age 12-14)

Ready for some outrageous fun and adventure? This camp includes rock climbing, canoeing, geocaching, swimming, creek trekking, horseback riding, recreational tree climbing, traversing a high ropes course, campfire cookout, and more.


Dino Days

Play games, learn songs, and get to know our favorite prehistoric reptiles. Full week and minicamp options available.

Animal Antics

Hopping toads, swimming turtles, and bouncing bunnies? Discover what makes each group of animals special.

The 3 Bs: Birds, Bats and Bugs

What do birds, bats, and bugs have in common? Wings! Learn how wings help these cool critters survive.

Habitat Shuffle

Where do animals live? Find out during our week-long adventure to all the places animals call home.

Nature’s Friends Minicamp

Calling all Nature Friends! Campers use their senses to search for smells, textures, sounds, and sights of nature on hikes and scavenger hunts. Discover what fun nature has in store through games, activities, crafts, and explorations.

Bug Out!

Bugs, bugs everywhere! Search for interesting insects and other creepy crawlies as we discover a whole new world beneath our feet, in the sky, under the water, and all around us.

Nature Play

Playing isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. Children are built to play, especially in nature!

The Art in Nature Minicamp

Embrace your inner artist! We’ll use nature as our canvas and inspiration for three days filled with fun, art, and nature!


Bird Brains Minicamp

Feathers, wings, hollow bones, and beaks! Discover the wonders and mysteries of birds as we search Lincoln Marsh for our feathered friends.

Wetland Explorers

What is a wetland and who calls it home? Become a wetland explorer using dip nets and magnifiers. Explore Lincoln Marsh firsthand as we answer these questions and discover why wetlands are so important.

Indian Summer

Did you know Native Americans used nature for all their needs? Campers will explore the lives of Indians using toys, playing games, and telling Native American stories.

Animal Lovers

Does your child love animals? Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the lives of animals at Lincoln Marsh. Each day we’ll investigate a different animal group and find out what makes them special, then seek them out in the forest, prairie, and wetland.

Jurassic Giants

Step into a time machine and journey back to our prehistoric past. Discover the world of dinosaurs, fossils, and the clues left behind. Learn where dinosaurs lived, how they moved, and what they ate while you uncover the mysteries of our past.

Nature Sleuths

Are you a “nature sleuth”? Put on your detective cap and solve the mysteries of camouflage, tracking, and other secrets of nature.


Six, eight, ten, one hundred, one thousand legs! During this camp we’ll investigate the lives of the most abundant creatures on our planet: bugs. Search the sky, ground, under logs, in the dirt, and in the wetland for these amazing multi-legged critters.

Nature Inspirations

Have you ever painted with cattails? Written poetry on the prairie? Built a sculpture with seeds, stones, and sticks? We’ll let nature awaken our creativity in this art camp that combines natural exploration and artistic creation to produce wild and inspired kids!


Does your preschooler love to explore nature? Then this is the perfect camp for them! Each day, little campers have the chance to explore and play in the different habitats of Lincoln Marsh.


Get ready for an adventure! Experience a taste of what Lincoln Marsh nature camps are all about. Join us for one or both days as we explore a new topic each day.


Spend a week in the great outdoors as we discover what more Lincoln Marsh has to offer. More games, more crafts…more fun!


Knee High Nature Camp

Yes, you and your toddler can now go to camp! Join us as we nurture your child with nature. You’ll learn songs and games that can help both of you benefit from the great outdoors.