Wetlands are valuable places for people to visit. When people visit wetlands they can relax and enjoy the outdoors, see all kinds of wildlife, and learn about the environment.

VisionCommunity leaders helped preserve Lincoln Marsh because people need wild places to visit. Going to natural areas rekindles a person’s “sense of wonder” and recharges the spirit. The benefits are endless. CoolStuffThere’s lots of cool stuff to catch!
(But you gotta put ’em back home when your done.)
Many students and scouts have accomplished projects
at Lincoln Marsh that are highly beneficial to the environment. Here’s Andre with the Bat Roosting Colony he built.

There are fun things you can do with your friends to help the environment…like planting prairie plants, or shrubs and trees. When you’re all done, maybe there’s a campfire to enjoy or a night hike to go on! 

skatingNo matter what time of year you visit, there’s always something fun to do and learn.  BugNetsHave you ever caught a dragonfly?